Stan Lee to invade Asia

Stan Lee Media (SLM) has partnered with Venture Soft Co., Asias Leading creator and distributor of Anime and Manga, to form a joint venture that will bring SLM superheros and fantasy stories to Japan and Korea.

Venture soft will invest US$5 million into SLM Japan, the new company formed thru the partnership; both companie will own equal shares of SLM Japan. SLM Japan will produce, distribute and licence Japanese and Korean versions of Stan Lee Media's "Webisodes".

"This joint venture further enhances SLM's strategy for developing and producing branded content with global appeal, introducing it to audiences on the Internet, and then exploiting it offline through the traditional media value chain," said Stan Lee Media CEO and president Ken Williams. "We are looking forward to bringing the Stan Lee brand to Japanese- and Korean-speaking fans, and to continuing to explore these vast untapped international licensing potentials." Venture Soft CEO Tendo Oto said, "SLM Japan will be the first to combine the creative talents of Stan Lee and the technical innovations of Stan Lee Media with the top anime creators in the world. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for two of the most influential forces in animation to work together creating brands and characters that will appeal to fans worldwide."