Neofilms Posts Girls und Panzer das Finale Films' Chinese-Subtitled Trailer

Hong Kong film distributor Neofilms began streaming a Chinese-subtitled trailer on Tuesday for its 4DX screenings of the Girls und Panzer das Finale anime. The films will open in Hong Kong on January 2.

Girls und Panzer das Finale is a six-part anime film series, the latest installment in the Girls und Panzer franchise, set in a fictionalized version of our world where a sport called "tankery" is practiced by high school girls. In the sport, players drive and fight in tanks in a safe manner. The series centers on Miho Nishizumi, a former tankery ace who left the sport, but is dragged back in a plot to save her high school.

The first film of Girls und Panzer das Finale opened in December 2017, with the second part opening on June 15. The film focuses on Momo Kawashima's dilemma of failing to get into her college of choice (though everyone seems to think she will repeat a year), due to her efforts to ensure that Oarai will never again face closure. To ensure that Momo passes another college entrance exam, Miho and the entire Oarai team decide to join the Winter Continuous Track Cup to ensure its prestige as a tankery school and fulfill Momo's wish. In the episode, Oarai faces off against the French-themed BC Freedom High School, whose capable machines and tactical acumen are undermined by its divided leadership. Oarai is joined by the Shark Team, who roll into battle with the archaic Mark IV tank.

Source: Neofilms YouTube channel