CPM Looking at 40 to 60 Manga and Manhwa a Year

According to a recent press release, in which Central Park Media announces a new director of Book Sales, CPM is looking at releasing between 40 and 60 new Japanese manga and Korean manhwa titles a year. In February CPM laid off a number of their staff from their publishing department. The company cited market factors that caused them to need to scale back their release schedule, as the core cause of the layoffs in that department. Shortly after the layoffs they announced the postponment or cancelation of a number of their publications.CPM has not released any manga under their CPM Manga label since January 2005, they continued to release a few manhwa and released a number of yaoi titles under their Be Beautiful label though. Throughout 2005, including releases scheduled for November and December, CPM is set to release 15 graphic novels (see below). In 2004 they released over 50 graphic novels.CPM recently announced the first release from their manga label since January to be The World of Narue volume 4, set to be released in January 2006. They also have 2 manhwa scheduled for January.CPM 2005 Graphic Novel Releases: January: 4 Manga, 3 Manhwa August: 1 Be Beautiful September: 1 Be Beautiful October: 2 Manhwa, 1 Be Beautiful November: 1 Be Beautiful December: 2 Be Beautiful