Kimagure Orange Road Manga Kickstarter Offers All Volumes as Add-Ons

Digital Manga Inc.'s Kickstarter campaign to publish Izumi Matsumoto's romantic comedy manga Kimagure Orange Road updated on Monday. With the new update, all of the manga's 3-in-1 omnibus volumes are now available as add-ons for all backers. The omnibus volumes for the manga were previously locked behind progressively higher stretch goals. The update notes that this change was made to the campaign by request of Matsumoto.

Backers can now add all planned omnibus volumes of the manga to their pledge in both physical and digital versions with a corresponding cost. The campaign added three new backer tiers that allows backers to order the entire collection of digital omnibus volumes, the entire collection of physical volumes, or the entire collection of both.

The campaign also reached its second stretch goal of US$74,900, which allows the company to publish the third 3-in-1 omnibus volume.

The campaign's main page still displays omnibus volume 4-6 as "locked" stretch goals at the following amounts:

Omnibus volume 4: US$89,900 Omnibus volume 5: US$105,900 Omnibus volume 6: US$119,900

The Kickstarter reached its initial goal of US$34,900 on April 4 to publish the first 3-in-1 omnibus volume, and reached the first stretch goal on April 20 to print the second omnibus volume.

The campaign will end on May 10 at 6:00 p.m. EDT. As of press time, the campaign has raised US$78,753.

Add-on merchandise includes: a set of seven posters; a USB drive; a "beach bundle" that includes a beach towel, sunglasses, and an orange eco bag; a large limited wallscroll; a pub glass; and a set of three different stickers. The merchandise add-ons range from US$12 to US$80, and all of the merchandise add-ons are only available to pledges of the US$20-US$170 reward tiers.

Backer tiers range from US$1 to US$1,500, and rewards include: digital or print editions of the manga, bookmarker magnets, a pub glass, USB drives, beach towels, sunglasses, eco bags, wall scrolls, signed soundtrack CDs, stickers, reproduction prints, reproduction shikishi boards, posters, and an artbook.

Thanks to Alan45, jayntampa, and Daniel Zelter for the news tips