Bartender 6stp Manga Ends

The January issue of Shueisha's Grand Jump Mucha magazine published the final chapter of Araki Joh and Osamu Kajisa's Bartender 6stp manga on December 25.

The fourth compiled book volume will ship in Japan on February 19.

Joh and Kajisa launched the Bartender 6stp (Bartender 6stp Six Step) spinoff manga in Shueisha's Grand Jump Premium magazine in August 2016. The manga moved to Grand Jump Mucha in December 2018. Shueisha published the third compiled book volume last February. Joh wrote the story, and Kajisa illustrated the manga. Bartender 6stp is the fourth series in Joh and Kenji Nagatomo's Bartender manga series.

The original Bartender manga launched in Super Jump in 2004, and it ended in 2011. The 21st and final compiled book volume shipped in February 2012. The manga inspired a television anime series in 2006 and a live-action television series in January 2011. In the live-action TV series, Masaki Aiba played Ryū Sasakura, a genius bartender who makes the finest cocktails for his customers. People come from all walks of life to his bar, and Ryū not only hears their problems, but helps solve them.

Source: Grand Jump Mucha January issue