Pro Gamers Showcase Yang, Balrog Ultra Street Fighter IV Characters in Videos

The official Japanese website for Ultra Street Fighter IV began streaming new videos for two characters on Friday. In each, a pro gamer explains the gameplay possibilities for a particular character. The two new videos are for Yang (voiced by Masakazu Suzuki) and Balrog (Junichi Suwabe).

Yang by Mago

Balrog by Tokido

The game will debut in arcades in Japan on April 17 followed by a digital download release in North America and Europe after April 2014. The update adds Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre to the game roster.

The update will be released in two versions. A download version for players who already own Super Street Fighter IV will sell for US$14.99. A disc version with all current downloadable content will also be released for US$39.99.