Beta Test Announced for Gundam Tactics Online

Bandai Namco Games has announced a closed beta test period for its new online PC game based on the popular Gundam anime series. The application period for potential players will take place between October 1 and October 14 on the official website for the game. The test itself will be limited to people selected from the applications submitted.

The game, known as Gundam Tactics Online, is based on the battle system from the Gundam Network Operation online game series. The new game features more detailed three-dimensional real-time play along with new equipment and modes of play. The setting of the game is the One Year War of the first Gundam series where the player, as a commanding officer, orders different characters and their units into battle and controls how the battles are fought. The main battle mode automatically matches players with another online player of equal strength for battles. Other modes include single-player task (story) and practice modes, while a "recombination" mode lets players combine parts from various Gundam units to create their own strategic battle machines.

An official release of the game is anticipated for later this winter. Players will be charged approximately 1,050 yen (about US$10) each month to play. While other Gundam games have been released in North America before, no announcement has been made for an English-language version of any of the online Gundam games.

Source: +D Games