Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Game's Opening Movie Streamed

KOEI Tecmo America began streaming the opening movie for its Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV game for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on Thursday.

The game will launch in the West on February 28, and it will launch in Japan on January 16. People who order the game within two weeks of launch will be able to download the "Battle of Yiling" scenario for free.

The game will include seven scenarios, more than 1,000 officers, and more than 150 character traits. The game will also introduce character specialties, which grant special effects to officers.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, the latest main game in the franchise, launched for PS4 and PC via Steam in North America in July 2016. KOEI Tecmo Games released the game in Japan in January 2016 after a delay to "increase the quality of the game." The game's original December 10, 2015 release date would have coincided with the 30th anniversary of the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms game's December 10, 1985 release. The game then launched for the Nintendo Switch in March 2017.

The New Romance of the Three Kingdoms smartphone game, a port of KOEI's Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI game, launched for iOS and Android in November 2018.

Source: KOEI Tecmo America's YouTube channel via Gematsu