Last Gundam UC Volume's 2nd Full Trailer Dubbed in English

Bandai's Anime Channel began streaming the second full trailer with English dubbing for the seventh and final episode of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC anime series on Friday. The trailer features the theme song "StarRingChild" by Aimer.

The official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel is also streaming the trailer in 720p resolution without subtitles.

The "Niji no Kanata ni" (Over the Rainbow) episode will screen in advance at Tokyo's Shinjuku Piccadilly theater, Osaka's Namba Parks Cinema and Osaka Station City Cinema, and Nagoya's Midland Square Cinema on May 16. A stage greeting event with cast and staff members will be held at Shinjuku Piccadilly and streamed at the other locations.

The second advance ticket sales period began on April 4. People who pre-order a ticket for 2,600 yen (about US$25) receive the "FW Gundam Converge Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Limited Theater Pearl Clear ver." figure.

The episode will run about 90 minutes long and open in more theaters on May 17. It will run in 35 theaters throughout Japan for four weeks. Theaters will sell advance copies of the Blu-ray Disc, and other retailers will offer a home video release on June 6.

The video above features the new mobile armor Neo Zeong used by Full Frontal in the final battle.

Advance tickets will come with a FW Gundam Converge Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Theater-Limited Pearl Clear ver.

Images © Sotsu, Sunrise