Elex Media Releases Komi Sulit Berkomunikasi, Lion & Bride Manga

Indonesian publisher Elex Media Komputindo released the first volume of Komi Sulit Berkomunikasi and Lion & Bride manga on Wednesday.

Tomoghito Oda's Komi Sulit Berkomunikasi (Komi-san wa Comyushō desu.) manga follows a second-year high school student named Komi, who is very beautiful but has poor social skills. Still, she wants friends. Komi becomes friends with Tadano, who is good at reading people's feelings. With Tadano's help, Komi gains friends little by little, and her high school life becomes more enjoyable.

Oda launched the manga in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 2016, and Shogakukan released the 15th compiled book volume for the manga last November.

Mika Sakurano's Lion & Bride (Lion to Hanayome) manga centers on Yua, a high school student who is in a secret relationship with a teacher at her school. One day, Yua's grandmother, her last remaining relative, passes away. Yua's teacher, who has always supported her, proposes to her. While Yua expected them to live out a happy newlywed life, she finds out too late that her teacher has a son, who turns out to be a classmate that she hates. Now their lives are complicated both in school and at home.

Sakurano launched the manga in Akita Shoten's Petit Princess magazine in 2014, and ended it in 2016. Akita Shoten published three compiled book volumes for the manga.

Source: Elex Media's Facebook page