Discotek Media Adds Gunbuster 2: Diebuster Video Anime Series

North American anime distributor Discotek Media announced on Monday that it has licensed the six-episode Gunbuster 2 video anime series. The company will release the complete series under the name Gunbuster 2: Diebuster with English subtitles on May 21.

Bandai Visual USA previously released the series on DVD in 2007. Kazuya Tsurumaki (FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, Gunbuster) designed the original concept and directed the series, and Yoji Enokido (RahXephon, Redline, Revolutionary Girl Utena) handled the screenplay. The show stars Maaya Sakamoto, Mitsuo Iwata, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Yukari Fukui.

The video anime series, which was released on DVD in Japan between 2004-2006, follows a waitress named Nono (Fukui) who one day meets Lal'C Melk Mark (Sakamoto), a member of the elite pilot team Topless. Nono uses her super strength to help L'al'C and her Buster Machine defeat an alien, and from then on Nono hopes to become a member of Topless.

Update: Background information added.

[Via Crunchyroll]