Touhou Project Tower Defense Game Gensokyō Defenders Gets Release on Steam

Steam is currently listing that developer Neetpia and publisher Sony Music Entertainment will release the Gensokyo Defenders game and the Gensokyo Defenders Plus DLC on the platform on April 24. The DLC will include three new characters and harder traps.

The dōjin tower defense game based on Touhou Project features more than 20 playable characters who must use spell cards and traps to protect Gensokyō from invading fairies. The player characters can also attack the enemy directly. The story and stages are fully voiced. The game supports online co-op play.

Neeptia originally released the game on PC in Japan in December 2017, then on the PlayStation 4 in May 2018. The company released the game on the PlayStation 4 in English and on Nintendo Switch in Japanese and English on November 29.

Source: Steam (link 2) via Siliconera