Koei Tecmo Games Sues Chinese Mobile Game Company for Copyright Infringement

KOEI Tecmo Games announced on Friday that it has filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court against Chinese mobile game company Hangzhou Jedi Technology Co., Ltd. for copyright infringement. KOEI Tecmo claimed that Hangzhou Jedi Technology Co., Ltd. has continually used copyrighted images and music from the Dynasty Warriors, Nobunaga's Ambition, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Taikō Risshiden game series for its game apps' web advertisements without permission.

KOEI Tecmo has been involved in a lawsuit that CAPCOM initially filed with the Osaka District Court in July 2014. The Intellectual Property High Court in Tokyo had ruled in favor of CAPCOM on September 11 in the company's lawsuit against KOEI Tecmo Games for patent infringement. The court ruled that KOEI Tecmo Games infringed on Patent No. 3350773 (Patent A), which relates to the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors game series, and Patent No. 3295771 (Patent B), which relates to the Fatal Frame game series. KOEI Tecmo filed an appeal on September 24.

Hangzhou Jedi Technology Co., Ltd. (Jedi Games) was founded in 2013. The mobile game company, under the name of the company, launched the Kingdoms Go: Nomination game in 2016, and the My Kingdom game in 2017. The company took its name from the Jedi Knight in the Star Wars series.