Kado: The Right Answer Spinoff Manga Ends

North Star Pictures' Web Comic Zenyon website published the eighth and final chapter the Seikai Suru Kado: Aoi Haru to Railgun (KADO - The Right Answer: Blue Spring and Railgun) spinoff manga on Saturday. Manga creator Kōki Ochiai launched the spinoff manga based on Toei Animation's KADO - The Right Answer original anime series in May. North Star Pictures will publish the manga's one compiled volume on July 20.

The manga takes place immediately after the end of episode five of the anime series, and tells a story not told in the anime. The manga follows high school students whose lives are completely changed after the arrival of the Kado cube and the unlimited energy source Wam.

Mutsumi Okuhashi (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash manga) launched a main manga adaptation of the series in Kodansha's Morning two magazine on March 22. Toei Animation and novelist Mado Nozaki, the anime's scriptwriter, are credited for the original work.

The 12-episode anime series premiered in Japan on April 7, and Crunchyroll streamed the series with English subtitles. Funimation began streaming the series with an English dub on April 30.