Black-winged Love's Yamashita Launches Snips and Snails Manga

The 7th volume of Shodensha's onBLUE boys-love anthology began serialization on Tomoko Yamashita's Snip, Snail & Dog Tail (Snips and snails And puppy dog tails) manga on Thursday.

The boys-love series takes the form of a diary chronicling a certain couple. The first chapter details a day in the life of both men in the couple.

Yamashita is currently also serializing her Hibari no Asa manga in Shodensha's Feel Young magazine. Shodensha released the first compiled book volume in that series in August.

Netcomics released Yamashita's Dining Bar Akira and Black-Winged Love manga in print and online in 2009.

JManga published Yamashita's Don't Cry, Girl♥ manga online in English in May. That manga was nominated for a Manga Taisho award last year.

[Via Comic Natalie]

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