Atsushi Kagurazaka's Uchi no Danna ga Amachan de Novels Get Manga

This year's March issue of Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine revealed on Friday that Atsushi Kagurazaka's Uchi no Danna ga Amachan de (My Husband is Amachan) novels will get a manga by Raizō that will debut in the magazine's May issue on March 26.

The manga takes place in Japan in the Edo period and follows a husband, who is a constable but also an "idiot," and his wife, who disguises herself as a man.

The first book in Kagurazaka's Uchi no Danna ga Amachan book series (pictured right) debuted in August 2018, and the sixth book shipped on December 13.

Kagurazaka launched the Taishō Yakyū Musume. (Taishō-Era Baseball Girls.) novel series in 2007. The two novels are set in 1925 when two 14-year-old Japanese high school girls named Koume and Shōko decide to start a baseball team in Japan. Few baseball teams — male or female — exist at the time. The two girls have no clue where to find nine players, how to use the equipment, and what even the rules are. The novels inspired an anime in 2009.

Source: Monthly Shonen Sirius March issue