Shonen Jump to Debut 2 Series From Mitsukubi Condor, Koi no Cupid Yakenohara Jin Creators

This year's 44th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump will announce two new series on Monday. Ryō Ishiyama's Ibitsu no Amalgam (Distorted Amalgam) manga will begin in the 45th issue on October 10 and Tomohiro Hasegawa's Spring Weapon Number One will begin in the 46th issue on October 17.

Ishiyama was an honorable mention for the 53rd Jump Treasure Newcomer Manga Award in 2011, and serialized the manga Mitsukubi Condor (pictured right) in Shonen Jump in 2014.

Hasegawa previously entered Shonen Jump's "Gold Future Cup" contest, and though he did not win, his Koi no Cupid Yakenohara Jin one-shot received a serialized run in Shonen Jump. Hasegawa also published the one-shot manga "Shimatsuya K" in Shonen Jump last November.