TechTV New Website Launch

Excerps of Email Press Release: Dear TechTV Insider, The exciting world of anime is landing on TechTV beginning December 30, in the form of a new show, "Anime Unleashed"! Early 2003 we'll be bringing TechTV viewers five full anime series throughout the week. Although it's easily identified by its distinctive visual style, anime knows no boundaries. It's not merely a style of animation; it's a genre unto itself where you may find sophisticated science fiction, fantasy adventure, romantic comedy, and even wrenching drama. In the TechTV spirit, Anime Unleashed focuses on the science-fiction elements of anime -- titles that imagine what our near or far future will be like, investigate the relationship between humans and machines, dream of what alien civilizations could be like, and more. Anime Unleashed exemplifies the difference between its titles and Western animation by showing the depth of character, themes, and contortions of plot explored in anime. Viewers will encounter realistic scenarios, complex relationships, and flawed personalities. Despite their deficiencies, the protagonists of Anime Unleashed's titles are beholden to their desires, their hopes, and their dreams. Our first anime series will start on December 30 with single half-hour episodes airing Monday through Thursday at 1 a.m. Eastern, followed by a two-hour block of anime on Friday from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern. To get more information on air times and episodes, go to our brand new website TTFN, AnnjanetteTechTV Member Services manager