Neun Manga's 1st Part Ends

This year's 10th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine published the final chapter of the "first part" on Monday of Tsutomu Takahashi's NeuN manga. Takahashi's author's comment in the magazine reads, "let's meet again with part 2."

Takahashi developed the series from his original one-shot that he published in Weekly Young Magazine in January 2017. He launched the manga as a full series in the magazine in May 2017. Takahashi began publishing new chapters bi-weekly (instead of the previous one chapter each month in the magazine) in September.

Kodansha will publish the manga's sixth volume on February 6.

The manga takes place in 1940 Germany under the Nazi regime, when SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler commanded a top secret mission in Wewelsburg, under the Führer. The story centers around Neun (German for "nine"), the ninth child to carry Hitler's DNA. The story is a formative coming-of-age story of a boy and a man during that period.

Tokyopop published Takahashi's Jiraishin detective action manga, under the title Ice Blade, as one of the company's first titles in North America. Takahashi serialized a sequel called Jiraishin diablo before ending the series in Good! Afternoon magazine in 2011. His Skyhigh manga was adapted into a live-action film, which Media Blasters released under its Tokyo Shock label in 2005.

Source: Weekly Young Magazine issue 10