Release the Spyce secret fragrance Smartphone Game Ends Service in March

The official Twitter account for the Release the Spyce secret fragrance smartphone game revealed on Friday that the game will end service on March 31. Details of the shutdown are available in the app.

The app based on the Release the Spyce original anime launched for iOS and Android devices in Japan on February 12, 2019. The game is free to play but includes in-app purchases.

The game features the new character Hisui Munechika (voiced by Mayu Sagara). The character is part of a new organization of black-suited members in the game called "Nagi no Butai" (The Calm Unit). Takehana Note designed the character.

The anime premiered in Japan in October 2018, and HIDIVE streamed the series as it aired and is also streaming an English dub. Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime for home video, and it describes the story:

To everyone around her, Momo lives a quiet life of solitude: going to school and keeping to herself. To the members of the private intelligence agency Tsukikage, she is their newest recruit, learning to hone her skills to help fight against a global crime organization. Under the guidance of senior member Yuki, Momo undergoes a series of dangerous, deadly and diabolical training scenarios and missions. With each victory, Momo's confidence in her skills grows but it'll take more than that to help keep not just her home but the world safe.

The project is a collaboration between Yuruyuri manga creator Namori as original character designer and Yuki Yuna Is a Hero creator Takahiro for the original concept and series composition. The anime marked Akira Sato's directorial debut at Lay-duce. Satoshi Ishino adapted Namori's characters for animation. SORASAKI.F is credited for the original work.

Meia Mitsuki's Release the Spyce - Naisho no Mission (Secret Mission) manga debuted in January 2018, and ended serialization in December 2018.

Source: Release the Spyce secret fragrance game's Twitter account via Otakomu