Anime Network eyes MIPCOM

ADV is reportedly paying close attention to the upcoming MIPCOM market (October 10th-14th in Cannes, France) for acquiring additional anime programming to feed its growing Anime Network. MIPCOM is a unique international meeting center offering five days of non-stop pusiness for TV executives, one of the world's most active centers for buying, selling, promoting, networking, and discovering television opportunities. "With the diversity of programming available at MIPCOM, we expect to discover new sources for content which we can then bring back and introduce to American viewers," said Anime Network President Kevin Corcoran. "We're also anxious to meet and explore other opportunities for our sister companies, including ADV Films and Newtype USA." While viewers are unlikely to see any immediate impact from ADV's participation in MIPCOM, the opportunities to make new contracts, speed up negoations, and create partnerships may lay the foundation for a significant expansion of ADV's commercial offerings. At minimum, it is a sign that ADV is serious about expanding The Anime Network far beyond its current state.