Pulp Ends in August

The final three issues will be the Phoenix issue in June, the Cinderalla issue in July and the "Manga Hell" issue in August. By the last issue, Bakune Young, Cinderalla, and Uzumaki will have all wrapped up neatly; Dance Till Tomorrow will continue in a straight-to-graphic-novel format (last volume will be #7); and Banana Fish will continue in the pages of our sister magazine, Animerica Extra, starting in December 2002. It was also stated: And not to exhaust a good metaphor, but like the Phoenix, look for PULP to rise from the ashes. Just a hint of what's to come: in June 2002, look for the first Short Cuts collection, and in July 2002, the full-color graphic novel collection of Junko Mizuno's Cinderalla. Before the year is out, we should have out the the first collection of Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga. And we have several more original graphic novels and book projects in the works that should be out before the end of the year, including the Battle Royale novel and the English-language debut of horror manga great Kazuo Umezu.