Platinum Games, DeNA Reveal World of Demons Smartphone Game for Summer

Platinum Games and DeNA revealed a new smartphone game on Wednesday titled World of Demons that is slated for iOS and Android this summer. Platinum Games opened an official English website for the game, which is streaming the game's announcement trailer.

The site describes the game's story:

World of Demons takes place in a fantastic interpretation of medieval Japan in which Oni (demons) have taken over the human world. The previously docile Yokai (monsters from Japanese folklore) have been corrupted by the Oni and have begun attacking humans as well. Only the brave Samurai dare to stand up to the threat of the Oni...

The game allows players to use a variety of samurai characters. Players can also summon up to three Yokai to assist them in battle. The game's touch-based input system allows players to use gestures for attacks, dodges, and other actions. Samurai characters can be upgraded with different weapons and skills, and players can also collect Yokai.

The game features a single-player campaign, a competitive Yokai Showdown mode, and cooperative Samurai Stronghold mode.

The game has so far revealed two playable characters: Onimaru and Sayo.

Preregistration is available now.

[Via Siliconera]