Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Anime Casts Noriko Hidaka as Tsubame's Mother

The staff for the television anime of Sumito Ōwara's Eizōken ni wa Te o Dasu na! (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) manga announced on Friday that Noriko Hidaka (Rurouni Kenshin's Seta Sōjirō, Ranma ½'s Akane Tendo, Gunbuster's Noriko) will voice Tsubame Mizusaki's mother. The character will appear in the anime's seventh episode on Sunday.

The anime premiered on NHK General on January 5, and will have 12 episodes. Crunchyroll is streaming the series in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East.

The manga follows Midori, Tsubame, and Sayaka, an energetic trio of first-year high school girls who come together in the Eizouken (Video Research Club) to turn their anime dreams into a reality. Midori is nervous to create an anime alone. She meets Tsubame who appears to be a well-to-do girl but she really has artistic dreams of being an animator. Midori's best friend Sayaka has the financial sense to bring the project to fruition and joins the pair on their quest.

Masaaki Yuasa (DEVILMAN crybaby, The Tatami Galaxy, Night is Short, Walk On Girl) is directing the anime at his Science SARU studio. Yuasa is also supervising the series scripts. Naoyuki Asano (Saint Young Men, Mr. Osomatsu) is designing the characters, and Oorutaichi (Kick-Heart, Lu over the wall) is composing the music. Ōwara is drawing the ending animation for the anime. The female rap duo chelmico are performing the anime's opening theme song "Easy Breezy," while the masked rock band Kami-sama, Boku wa Kizuite Shimatta is performing the ending theme song "Namae no Nai Ao" (A Nameless Blue).

Ōwara launched the manga in Shogakukan's Gekkan! Spirits magazine in 2016. The series was nominated for the 11th Manga Taisho awards in 2018, and it won the top Bros. Comic Award in 2017. The manga is also inspiring a live-action film adaptation that will open in summer 2020.

Source: Comic Natalie