Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine to Launch 2 New Manga in January

The first 2018 issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed on Monday that the magazine will launch two new manga in January. Ryōji Hirano will launch the BOZEBEATS manga in the seventh issue on January 15, and Tatsuya Matsuki and Shiro Usazaki will launch the act-age manga in the eighth issue on January 22.

BOZEBEATS is a "priest expelling demons action" story that centers on a priest (bōzu) who lives alone on a strange mountain, when he meets a young man who was raised by wolves. Hirano previously published the "BOZE" one-shot manga (pictured in embedded Tweet below) in Weekly Shonen Jump in March 2016. The one-shot focused on a priest who used guns. Hirano also published the "Kuragurira" one-shot in the Jump NEXT magazine in 2015, and published the "Chōjū GIGA" one-shot in the same magazine in 2013.

【告知】3月28日発売の少年ジャンプに『BOZE』という読切が掲載されます お坊さんがドンパチする漫画です!なにとぞよろしくお願いします

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Matsukita and Usazaki previously published the "Asagaya Geijutsu Kōkō Eizōka e Yōkoso" (Welcome to the Video Department of the Asagaya Fine Arts High School) one-shot manga (pictured in embedded Tweet below) in Weekly Shonen Jump on January 30.


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act-age centers on a certain young woman and a genius director who meet at an audition for rookie actresses.