Live-Action Hell Girl Film Opens in the Philippines in February

Philippine film distributor Pioneer Films announced on Sunday that it will open the live-action film of the Hell Girl (Jigoku Shōjo) anime franchise in the Philippines this month.

The film opened in Japan last November. Kōji Shiraishi directed the film. GIRLFRIEND performed the film's theme song "Figure."

The cast included:

Tina Tamashiro as Ai Enma

From left to right in image above:

Manami Hashimoto as Hone Onna Raiku as Ren Ichimoku Akaji Maro as Wanyūdō

Other cast members include:

Nana Mori as Miho Ichikawa Sawa Nimura as Haruka Nanjō SKE48's Mina Ohba as Sanae Mikuriya Kazuki Namioka as Kudō Tomu Fujita as Maki

Stories in the Hell Girl franchise usually begin with bullied or tormented people accessing the Hell Correspondence website, allowing them to submit a request to eliminate the person tormenting them. It is then that Ai Enma, the titular Hell Girl, appears, and gives these people a doll that, once pulled, sends their tormentor to Hell, where Enma and her companions proceed to enact karmic torment on the doomed person. The catch is that the person who originally sent the request will be sent to hell as well.

Studio DEEN debuted the first Hell Girl television anime series in 2005. The series received three subsequent television anime sequels in 2006, 2008, and 2017, as well as a live-action television series adaptation in 2006. The anime also received a manga adaptation by Miyuki Etoo, as well as two other manga adaptations named Shin Jigoku Shōjo (New Hell Girl) in 2009, and Jigoku Shōjo Enma Ai Selection Geki Kowa Story (Hell Girl: Enma Ai Selection, Super Scary Story) in 2014. A stage play adaptation opened in November 2016.

Animax Asia aired the Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight anime as it aired in Japan in 2017.

Source: Pioneer Films' Facebook page via AnimePH