Tokyopop Vampire Princess Miyu PR

Excerpted from the Press Release:New property receives multiple media release LOS ANGELES - 05/25/2001 - TOKYOPOP® Anime is proud to announce it has licensed the Vampire Princess Miyu Television Series, while at the same time the Vampire Princess Miyu Official Soundtrack will be one of three titles to kick off the TOKYOPOP® Soundtrax anime soundtrack line. Vampire Princess Miyu is a long-standing favorite anime and manga series and TOKYOPOP is pleased at the opportunity to bring the 26 episode television series and the series' soundtrack to North America for the first time. With the continuing popularity of vampire properties in film and television, TOKYOPOP is set to take the stage with a classic of the genre. Eternally 13, Miyu, The Chosen One, has the power to offer humans the gift of eternal happiness, yet she is destined for perpetual solitude until she rids the Earth of all evil Shinma, parasitic demons that live in darkness. Trapped between two worlds, half Shinma, half Human - Miyu's only companion is Larva, once an evil Shinma, now her devoted guardian. Together they share a dark journey through the weakness of the human heart and the tragic loss of innocence. Cut off from humanity by the knowledge of whom and what she is, Miyu lives a continuing quest as both the hunter and the hunted on the edge of darkness. The Vampire Princess Miyu Television Series is based on the manga of Narumi Kakinouchi, with final design work provided by Emi Kadonosuno. It is a separate entity from the Vampire Princess Miyu OAV series originally released in the US on VHS by AnimEigo in 1996. The long awaited television series updates elements from the manga and OVA to create a story that is appealing to long time fans and comes at a perfect time to attract new popularity. Kenji Kawai, the composer of Ghost in the Shell, supplies the soundtrack for the series. It is a blend of melancholy themes and traditional Japanese folk music that reflects the never-ending conflict of Miyu's world. "With the current excitement around gothic and vampire properties, like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on television and the Blade sequel with Wesley Snipes, even with trends in clothes and music, there has never been a better time than now to have a title like Vampire Princess Miyu," Matthew Galgani, VP Marketing at TOKYOPOP said. "Combine that with the already established name recognition within the anime and manga community and Miyu is ready to explode into the mainstream."TOKYOPOP® Anime will release the first three-episode volume, Initiation, in August 2001 on VHS and DVD formats and will follow with subsequent releases every other month. TOKYOPOP® Soundtrax will also release the Vampire Princess Miyu Official Soundtrack in August.Vampire Princess Miyu - Initiation DVD $29.99 Catalog # TPDV 972 UPC 6-45573-00972-4 English & Japanese Language Tracks English SubtitlesVampire Princess Miyu - Initiation VHS $19.99 Catalog # TPVH 973 UPC 6-45573-00973-1 English DubbedVampire Princess Miyu Official Soundtrack $14.98 Catalog # TPCD 0206-2 UPC 6-45573-02062-0