Strobe Edge Ranks in YALSA's Top 10 Graphic Novels for Teens

The American Library Association's (ALA's) Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) released its 2014 list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens. 10 manga titles are on the list including Io Sakisaka's Strobe Edge, which also ranked in the Top Ten graphic novels overall this year.

Title: Strobe Edge GN 1-6Creator:Io SakisakaPublisher: Shueisha/Viz Media Ninako has fallen in love for the first time and must learn how to navigate her feelings.

Title: No. 6 GN 1-3Creator: Atsuko Asano & Hinoki KinoPublisher: Kodansha/Kodansha Comics Shion lives a privileged life in a futuristic city. Everything changes when he saves Rat's life and people start mysteriously dying.

Title:The Heart of Thomas (GN)Creator: Moto HagioPublisher:Shogakukan/Fantagraphics An enigmatic suicide note sets off a chain of drama at a German boarding school.

Title:Tropic of the Sea (GN)Creator:Satoshi KonJapanese Publisher:Kodansha/Vertical Yosuke Yashiro's family takes care of a mermaid egg in exchange for safe seas around their island community.

Title: Sunny GN 1Creator:Taiyo MatsumotoPublisher: Shogakukan/Viz Media Orphaned children escape their troubles using their imagination in a broken-down Nissan Sunny 1200.

Title: Kitaro (GN)Creator: Shigeru MizukiPublisher: Kodansha/Drawn & Quarterly The stories center on an inhuman boy who straddles the line between the human and supernatural worlds.

Title:Knights of Sidonia GN 1-2Creator: Tsutomu NiheiPublisher:Kodansha/Vertical The Sidonia carries the last of ever-evolving humanity and continues to fight the Gaunts with its dwindling resources.

Title:Tiger & Bunny GN 1-2Creator:Mizuki Sakakibara and Katsura MasakazuJapanese Publisher:Kadokawa Shoten/Viz Media Hot shot superhero reality star Barnaby is forced to team up with washed-up Wild Tiger.

Title:Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin GN 1-3Creator:Yoshikazu YasuhikoJapanese Publisher:Kadokawa Shoten/Vertical When Amuro stumbles upon a secret prototype weapon he becomes part of a planetary civil war.

Title:Vinland Saga GN 1Creator:Makoto YukimuraJapanese Publisher:Kodansha/Kodansha USA The teenaged viking marauder Thorfinn seeks vengeance for his father's death.

Source: ICv2

Update: Kitaro's summary corrected. Thanks, sakuragtin