Usogui's Toshio Sako to Move Batuque Manga Online

Manga creator Toshio Sako stated on Twitter on Thursday that their Batuque manga will end serialization in Shueisha's Young Jump magazine after all the chapters that will be in the manga's eight volume are published in the magazine. Afterward, the manga will continue online. Sako stated that they want to draw other various works while also continuing Batuque, because of the freedom that publishing manga online gives. Sako teased a possible spinoff of their Usogui manga.

Sako launched the manga in Young Jump in July 2018. Shueisha published the sixth volume on January 17, and will publish the seventh volume on April 17. The manga centers on a middle school girl who meets the titular Batuque in a chance encounter, and who afterward throws off the shackles restraining her so she can move forward. The manga centers on themes of hand-to-hand combat, music, philosophy, freedom, and liberation.

Sako began Usogui in 2006, and ended the series in December 2017. The series inspired an original video animation (OVA) bundled with the manga's 26th volume in 2012. A live-action film was announced in 2016 but it has not yet debuted.

Sako created the new character "Shiden" who debuted as part of a collaboration in Wright Flyer Studios' Bukiyo Saraba smartphone game in September 2017.

Source: Toshio Sako's Twitter account