Disgaea 5 PS4 Game's Opening Video Streamed

Nippon Ichi Software began streaming the full opening video on Thursday for the upcoming PlayStation 4 game Makai Senki Disgaea 5, the newest installment in the Disgaea strategy RPG video game series. The video features the game's main theme song, "Kill Real" by Mamoru Miyano.

The cast of characters includes:

Killia (voiced by Mamoru Miyano), a young demon man who swears revenge on the “Demon Emperor Voiddark” for some reason. A lone, muscular demon who hides power of Overlord levels. His quote on his profile reads, “...As if I could forget. Only revenge is supporting me.”

Seraphina (Sarah Emi Bridcutt), an Overlord girl who rules the “Gorgeous Netherworld,” a place that prides in its wealth over the two other Netherworlds. Even though she's an Overlord, she ran away from home and her Netherworld because she didn't like the idea of being forced into a strategical arranged marriage by her parents. The quote on her profile reads, “It is the fate of all men to dance in the palm of Seraphina, the Overlord of this Gorgeous Netherworld!”

Usaria (Satomi Akesaka), the heiress to the throne of the Bunny Bunny Netherworld where de,pms tjat don't like to fight gather. Her home country was destroyed by Voiddark's henchmen. She has a curse cast on her that makes her go berserk if she does not eat curry. Her character profile's quote reads, “I am one who is being chased by the Lost. If I Am Here!, you all will be put in danger as well.”

Red Magnus (Takehito Koyasu), the overlord of the Burning Netherworld, a place where crazy demons gather. He believes everything primal and powerful is everything, and is trying to defeat Voiddark to become the strongest overlord.

Christo (Junji Majima, who also voices the Prinnys), the overlord of the "Giant Netherworld." He is extremely skilled as a war strategist, and will do anything to win a battle.

Zeroken (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara), a small overlord who fights against the Lost. He has a smug personality, but can also change his attitude depending on the opponent.

Void Dark (Shouma Yamamoto), the commander of the Lost Army who is known as the strongest and most evil emperor in the netherworld. His personality is cold and cruel, and he even thinks of his own subordinates as mere pawns.

Majorita (voiced by Megumi Han), one of the generals who swears loyalty to Void Dark. She hates weaklings, and will kill them immediately, even if they are on her own team. She'll then revive them and make them her servants.

Bloodis (Masami Iwasaki), a general of the Lost Army and the right-hand man of Void Dark. He is second in power only to Void Dark.

Liezerota (Aimi Terakawa), a woman who has some past connection with Killia.

New character classes are also being added to the game. The new classes include:



Dark Knight



Nine-tailed Fox

Grizzly Bear



Rabbit Fighter



Double-Headed Dragon

Nippon Ichi Software describes the story:

The strongest and most evil Overlord, Void Dark. Under his control, many Netherworlds have been overrun by his underlings and kept under his power. Void Dark controls a large army of Lost, beings that have strayed from the path of any morality. It is rumored that the number of soldiers in his army is ten billion.

It appeared that no one in the Netherworld had the power to stand up against Void Dark and his army... However, the Netherworld is vast. In order to take their revenge on Void Dark due to their personal grudges, multiple Overlords quietly take a stand.

The game will debut on March 26 in Japan. The limited edition package of the game will come with an "Usaria & Yellow Prinny" Niitengo mini figure, a hardcover art book, a 2-disc original soundtrack, and a box with original artwork to contain everything. Those who pre-order the game will receive a download code for an alternate bunny girl outfit for Seraphina. The limited edition pack of the game will retail for 10,200 yen (about US$102), the normal version will sell for 7,200 yen (US$72), and a downloadable copy will cost 6,171 yen (US$62).

NISA will release the game in North America in fall 2015. A western release was confirmed in September, but no release date was announced.