Durarara!! Re-Authoring Update

Anime Limited posted the following update on its website regarding the series Durarara!!

We have commissioned a complete re-author of our Blu-ray discs. These new discs will be using the exact same video and audio assets.

We'll be getting new subtitles applied to every episode across all the discs. (They won't be the same ones as were used previously.) These subtitles will have typesetting tweaks as well. Plus we'll also be getting a separate sign & song subtitle track created too! The menu used previously will be getting an overhaul and the chaptering on every episode will be redone as well.

Please note that we still don't have an eta on how long this will take to be completed. Everyone who has purchased our already available Durarara!! Blu-ray Collector's Edition set will be eligible to receive a replacement set of discs, but once the time is right we'll make it known how/when people can register for this. In addition to this we still have plans to release the series on DVD and as a standard edition Blu-ray collection as well – both of those will include the re-authored discs by default – but again we don't have a time frame on this as things stand.

Anime Limited's trailer is above.

The company also noted that its release of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, previously scheduled for the end of June, has been moved back, but is still due for release in 2015.