est em Ends Ii ne! Hikaru Genji-kun Manga on May 8

This year's May issue of Shodensha's Feel Young magazine revealed on April 8 that est em's Ii ne! Hikaru Genji-kun manga will end in the magazine's next issue on May 8.

est em launched the manga in Feel Young in December 2015. Shodensha released the third compiled book volume on February 7.

In the manga's story, a man who appears to be the title character from Murasaki Shikibu's classic Heian-era novel The Tale of Genji appears in office worker Saori's home. Saori takes care of Genji, who seems to have traveled to the future.

The manga is inspiring a live-action series adaptation that premiered on NHK on April 4. The series will have eight episodes.

est em's other manga include Age Called Blue, IPPO, Seduce Me After the Show, Red Blinds the Foolish, Tableau Numéro 20, and Golondrina. Netcomics released Age Called Blue in English, Aurora Publishing released Red Blinds the Foolish and Seduce Me After the Show in English, and Viz Media released Tableau Numéro 20 in English.

Source: Feel Young May issue